Emmanuel Hammond

Emmanuel Hammond, BA (Psy), PGDip (MIS), CIP (AIIM)
Email: ehammond@hm2r.org Tel: 0243967866

I analyze, design and develop information systems for business solutions and provide advice on a wide range of information systems issues. Thus, I help put together hardware, software, related infrastructure and human resource to organize data (capture, process and store) into useful information which can be retrieved in real time to facilitate planning, control, coordination, and decision making by people and organizations. I have a working knowledge of information systems, programming, Internet and web applications, as well as research/analytical skills. I also have a good understanding of human behavior.

As part of my job, I examine IT and/or information systems and processes, and recommend and provide solutions or improvements. My solutions mainly involve the development or improvement in a software, database or website for people and organizations. I also manage information systems. The analysis, design and development of websites especially, have also led to the provision of e-business (e-marketing and e-commerce) and social media marketing solutions. My main line of work is in a functional area of business: advertising, marketing and sales. Aside these I provide solutions that help to improve the general IT systems used by people and organizations.

My past education (in the social sciences) and early work experience (in research) led me to consult in general research and data analysis. I have been doing research for over 10 years now and currently at HM2R.

My research interest is mainly in information systems. Specific research areas/topics are marketing information systems, innovative and affordable information systems technologies, information systems security as well as knowledge and use of information systems/IT by people and organizations.